Rethink Everything Down to the Kitchen Sink

Rethink Everything Down to the Kitchen Sink

Choose KT Construction for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in the Rockford, IL area

Do you want to simplify the cooking process by installing modern, energy-efficient appliances? Does your dim, damp bathroom feel cramped? Improve your kitchen or bathroom spaces with help from KT Construction. Need another reason to get started on your project? Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can also add to the value of your home!

5 home remodeling ideas to take your house to the next level

Do you want to improve your home, but don’t know where to start? Here are five simple but effective ways to improve your Rockford, IL home:
  1. Install custom tile flooring in your kitchen or bathroom
  2. Replace your outdated bathtub or shower with the latest model
  3. Upgrade the dim, inefficient lighting fixtures in your bathroom
  4. Opt for custom cabinetry to increase storage in your kitchen
  5. Accommodate guests of all abilities by installing a walk-in tub

Begin your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project by reaching out to KT Construction. Call 815-985-3481 now to schedule an in-person consultation with our certified kitchen and bath contractor.